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{August 9, 2008}   Beautiful Ideas for Hair care

Shampoo is not meant to condition the hair. It is meant to cleanse and remove buildup only. Even so called “Conditioning shampoos” are not conditioning, although they may be less harsh than other shampoos. Also, shampoo needs to be emulsified in the hands before applying to hair. Make sure it is not concentrated on one part of your head. Most people do not need to shampoo everyday so if bed-head is your morning problem, rinse and condition your hair every other day instead.

Hair growth is an individual thing somewhat dependent on diet. How fast it grows certainly does not depend on how often you trim it. All a trim does is to make your hair look neater by getting rid of split ends.

Apply Egg white on our hair, as it is a rich source of protein. However, we cannot do this messy work on a regular basis. If you love experimenting with your hair, like, perming, styling or coloring, use a protein rich shampoo. You would see that this Haircare Product would strengthen and revitalize the hair shafts.

Saw palmetto is a natural hair loss treatment being used by a large and growing public of men. It protects the prostate and stops hair loss in many cases. This natural hair loss treatment comes in a capsule form and is made of seranoa repens.
The most recommended natural hair loss treatment is Revivogen.

It is always good to cover your hair by some scarf (Silk Scarf would be better) or cap yeah you can also wear that Monkey Cap ehehe to protect your hair from the cold and wind, but always keep in mind that its not tight it can stop the Blood circulation of your scalp.

Hair growth is an individual thing somewhat dependent on diet. How fast it grows certainly does not depend on how often you trim it. All a trim does is to make your hair look neater by getting rid of split ends.

Rainwater is naturally soft & mineral free. When it falls on the ground, it seeps through the soil and rocks & picks up the minerals & become hard water. The degree of hardness increases as mineral content increases.

Hair that is styled with heat must be properly moisturized and fortified. Applying moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and leave-in conditioners and hairstyling products are a good way of providing moisture to your hair. There are hair products that are specially formulated with thermal agents to help protect hair from the heat. In addition, there are also gentle cleansers that are designed for hair that is fine and/or color-treated. Popular brands include Paul Mitchell, Biolage, Ojon, and even Nexxus. I cannot tell you if one is better than the other. Trying different ones to see which one reacts best with the physical makeup of your hair will do you well.

Increase the ability of your liver to neutralize toxins in both food and the environment (pollution) by taking a liver cleansing product. This solves much of the problem.

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{August 9, 2008}   Tips on Applying Eyeshadow

When it comes to eyeshadow tips, they seem to be everywhere. From teenage magazines to their over fifty counterparts, countless pages of women’s magazines have been devoted to the subject. A quick Google search will bring up more than 733,000 hits on the subject. With so many resources available when it comes to eyeshadow tips, you’d think that more people would have a handle on the situation. Instead, it seems like I can’t walk down the street for five minutes without seeing an eyeshadow disaster. That said, I’m going to outline some of the basic eyeshadow dos and don’ts so you can make sure you’re never a fashion faux pas.

Eye shadow is a cosmetic which is applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows, to help make wearer’s eyes stand out or look more attractive. Eye shadow adds depth and dimension to one’s eyes, compliments the eye color, or simply draw attention to the eyes. Eye shadow can be applied in a variety of ways depending upon the desired look and formulation. Typically application is done using sponges, fingers, and/or brushes. An eyeshadow primer or base can be applied to prevent the shadow from fading or migrating to the crease. Many eyeshadow sets come with three colors, the lightest being the highlighter while the darkest is used in the crease. An eyeshadow primer or base can be applied to prevent the shadow from fading or migrating to the crease.

Time spent early on practicing how to apply eyeshadow to create your perfect results for both the day and night looks will make your application quicker for your daily routine. Eyeshadow now comes in many styles and finishes. It is available in creams, powders, liquid and pencils. It can be frosted; matte, glitter, shimmer and some are specifically designed for drier or older skin. Many manufactures now produce eyeshadow compacts with coordinated shades of eyeshadow, typically including a light, medium and dark shade.

Makeup Brushes: Purchase a set of natural hair makeup brushes to achieve the perfect look. These will help apply eyeshadow evenly and in the proper place. Look for angled brushes in a variety of sizes from one that can cover your lid with a sweep to a thin one that can be used to apply eyeliner.

Cotton Swabs: Cotton swabs are one tools you can keep in your makeup bag. They are inexpensive and can be used to apply makeup or to blend makeup. When it comes to your eyes, that are terrific for applying foundation and blending your eyeshadow to achieve a softer or more dramatic look.

Draw a line as close to your upper lashes as possible with your eyeliner, from inner corner, to the outer corner of your eye. For smoky eyes, draw a thick line. Use an eye pencil to darken your lower lash line as well. Using the edge for your eyeshadow brush, or with an eyeliner brush, go over this lash line with the dark eyeshadow.Apply the dark eyeshadow into the crease of your eyelid to deepen your eyes.

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Hairstyles – Hair Care Tips to Look Younger Instantly!

Your hairstyle is one of your major assets so you need to use it to its full advantage. Here we will give you some hairstyle and hair care tips that are guaranteed to make you hair your crowning glory.

So here are your hair care tips to make you look younger instantly.

Here we will look at tips that will make your hair look youthful and in many instances they will have a positive affect on your face and complexion to.

1. Use Highlights

Our hair colour darkens as we age so an instant way to bring your youth back is to go lighter.

By lightening your hair you will make your skin look instantly more radiant and give it a healthy glow.

2. Layers highlight the skin

If you have heavy hair that falls close to the face it will put your skin in the shade and make your complexion look dull and lifeless.

If you want to look younger don’t shade your face. You should go for shorter layers to allow movement and allow your skin to come forward and shine.

Short hair is back in fashion in a big way and there is a cut for everyone so go short and show your face.

3. Hair Products to highlight the skin

The right body in your hair can also have an affect on your skin tone.

For example, if you have fine hair that sits on your head give it some body with lotion and blow dry to give it body.

This will have a dramatic affect on your skin tone.

Hair scrapped to close to the scalp simply makes you look harsh.

On the other hand frizzy hair does nothing for skin tone, so take the frizz out of your hair with serum.

4. Shiny hair is healthy

It makes you look full of vitality and youth.

You can keep your hair in great condition by

Rinsing it in cold water after conditioning your hair, this will ensure shine as it will shut down the cuticles in the scalp.

Towel dry your hair to cut down drying time and when drying, use a nozzle on your hairdryer (to prevent damage) and when dry give it a blast of cold ail which will really make it shine.

Brush regularly and always before you go to bed to distribute the oils in the hair to act as a natural conditioning agent.

To keep your hair healthy and make sure you condition once a week even if you have fine hair.

5. Dark hair

Can make you look older but if it is shiny and glossy that’s fine. Colour glazes can be used to great affect to give your hair shine and will instantly make you look younger.

The simple tips above will not only make your hair look great but also have a positive affect on your skin and face as well and both will combined will make you look younger instantly.

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When you are looking to become a leader, you will find that one of the first things that you have to think about involves taking responsibility. You’ll find that oftentimes, groups of people simply mill around, looking for someone to lead them, and if no one does, any course of action can turn drawn-out and rather torturous. Think about the last time that you wish someone would simply make a decision and realize that it could have been you!

Taking responsibility as a leader is something that is very easy to do. You’ll find that making decisions is very important, and while you do need to consider what you are doing, you will oftentimes find out that you have as much competence as anyone one. Remember that if you do not have the right information to make the decision, you’ll find that getting that information can be quite easy, so don’t let a lack of knowledge in very particular situations stop you.

When you are looking to become a leader, you need to remember that no matter how shy or retiring you are, you need to make sure that your voice and opinion is heard. There is a good chance that if you are thinking it, that other people are as well. You don’t have to worry about being alone in your opinion, and part of being a leader is making sure that your opinion is given weight. Taking the time to make sure that you know what you need is important, so remember to consider it.

When you become a leader, you will find that you will see things much more clearly. Being a leader encourages you to consider views that you never thought of before, and you will realize that when it comes to your personal development that nothing might more important than doing so. Make sure that you know why you want to become a leader and understand that it might be a great deal easier than you thought.

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One day she received a present from her daughter, a book written almost one hundred years ago. She put the old book aside but in the back of her mind she kept thinking about it and wondering why her daughter wanted her to have it.

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{July 5, 2008}   7 Steps to Great Makeup—-

7 Steps to Great Makeup – – –

7 Steps to Great Makeup – – –

1. Avoid wearing too much

Makeup is meant to enhance features not bring negative attention to you. That’s what wearing too much makeup will do; it will bring you unwanted attention. Don’t wear too much of anything such as:

i) Eyeliner: dark, thick eyeliner will make you look overdone and will ruin the rest of your makeup.

ii) Mascara: too much mascara looks fake and will flake. It looks especially bad if worn with thick eyeliner or dark blue eye eye shadow.

iii) Foundation: Make sure your foundation is the same color as your skin. Foundation is meant to protect and give the face a smooth look. The magic word is blend.

iv) Powder:The same holds true for powder – not too much. Also, be sure to blend your makeup so there are no obvious lineS

2. Lips

Apply lip liner to completely cover the lips, add color and your lipstick will stay on much longer. Make sure your lip liner doesn’t show. Also, your lip color should match your skin tone; wear cool colors if you have cool coloring and warm colors if you have warm coloring. If you want to make your lips look smaller, keep your liner on the inside of your lips. However, if you decide to make your lips look larger, going outside the natural outline of you lips is a mistake. This can look quite messy and unnatural.

3. Appropriate makeup
Wear makeup that is appropriate for the occasion. If you are going to the beach you shouldn’t wear the same or as much makeup as you would if you were going dancing. Also, when you are in daylight your makeup should be a lighter than when you are out for the evening.

4. Too little or no makeup

Some women don’t wear makeup because they are not sure how to use it and are afraid of being overdone. If you are unsure, start will light colours in your shade. Start slowly and add one product at a time. Maybe start with foundation, add mascara, blush or lipstick. If you are not used to wearing makeup, using a lot a first may be a little too much for you, so start slowly. The bottom line is a little is better than none. If you are still unsure seek professional advice.

5. Overall look

When your makeup is completed it should look natural. That means avoiding colours that clash. If you have dark skin and hair you will look better in darker shades; light colours will make you look washed out. If your hair and skin tone are light, light colours will look better on you. Dark makeup will make you look older and harsh. If you have oily skin, first use oil control moisturizer and foundation. Then be sure to wear loose powder, keeping pressed powder with you for touch ups.

6. Hair color

Your hair color should also be in harmony with your skin. If you have dark hair and you want to add color, keep it close to the same shade. If you have light hair, use light colors. As you age your skin will lighten, so should your hair color. One last thing about hair color – if you do color you hair be sure you keep it up, don’t let your roots show.

7. One last thing

Keep makeup looking fresh all day by doing regular touch ups. Don’t let your makeup fade or crease. Smile!!!

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